Mental Health Tip

Mental Health Tip: Sleep Late

I’m not a morning person and it seems everyone would have you believe that if you do not wake up at 5am and start writing then you are not a good writer.

I just want to say I’m quite productive after noon. I used to be the person who started writing at 9pm but as I’ve gotten older I’ve needed more sleep.  (I basically didn’t sleep until I was 20 and that was with the help of powerful medication).

But don’t let anyone make you feel bad for not wanting to be bothered first thing in the morning and not getting out of bed until 11am.  Morning people are not better than anyone else.  I would even argue I’m more productive than many morning people and it’s productivity that matters most.

So if you wake up at noon don’t think the day is shot.  The day could just begin.

You decide.

Mental Health Tip

Mental Health Tip: Write

Writing is very therapeutic – especially if you don’t share it with anyone.  When you write just for yourself, to organize your thoughts, excise your pain, record your memories, or for any reason you like, it’s like a cleanse for your spirit.

I recommend you buy a journal even if you only write in it once in your entire life.  That one entry is the entry that may make the difference between feeling better and moving on or holding onto something for way too long.

And when you write for yourself it doesn’t matter if you know how to spell or any of the grammar rules.  No readers (you don’t have to read what you write. just get it down) equal no judgment.

Fearless Thoughts


I’ve spent the bulk of my life with other people telling me what to do – parents, teachers, professors, managers.  But I’m just now beginning to do things on my own.  There comes a certain joy in not having to ask for anyone’s permission or approval.  I’ve never really been excited by telling anyone else what to do.  Having power over another person is not something that excites me.  But having power over myself, my movements, my decisions has been something I’ve sought out for years.  For me, to have it, is to be free.

Fearless Thoughts


If you’ve ever been through a difficult time and then things started to improve it can be hard to try to work towards anything more than what you have.  The fear of returning to the state you used to be in is so strong it’s hard to move forward.  So instead of going for more and possibly failing you enjoy being where you are.  I used to think that there was something wrong with that but I don’t anymore.  I don’t wonder how someone can work at the same job for twenty, thirty, forty years.  I don’t wonder how a couple can stay together for more than half of their lifetimes.  It makes sense to me now.  I understand the difficulty in staying put and I understand of the strain of constant change.  I’m at a crossroads.  I don’t know which person I will be in the future – the one who was content and stayed put or the one who went for it and failed or the one who went for it and succeeded.  I know that the fear of success is just as strong as the fear of failure. I know that I have one life to live but taking too long to decide what to do with it can result in stagnation.  So I think about this everyday and take one more step on a path filled with risk, possibility, comfort, and turmoil.