5 Things To Know About A Black Person Who Went To Prep School In New Hampshire – #2

She Met Black People With Ancestry From All Over The World

I was surprised when I first met a White person who did not realize that not every Black person in America is from the South with roots in slavery.  The Black population in the United States is incredibly diverse with ancestry from all over the world.  It wasn’t until prep school that I met Black people from Africa or learned about all the different countries that make up the West Indies.  As Black people we all get clumped together but our diversity runs deep.


5 Things To Know About A Black Person Who Went to Prep School In New Hampshire – #1

She lost track of the number of times she was the only Black person in the room.

Growing up in Brownsville I was only used to being in classrooms with Black and Hispanic students so when I went to St. Paul’s initially I stepped into every room and looked around for the other Black or Hispanic people and often I could not spot any.  So eventually I just stopped checking.

A Reminder Of Why I Love The Theatre So!

So I was on the A train heading back home after seeing End of Longing at the MCC Theatre.  I had the playbill in my hand and the woman beside me asked what the play was about.  After doing a mediocre job of explaining things I let her read the article in the playbill with Matthew Perry.  She was suddenly determined to see the show.

Having dealt with alcoholism herself the piece intrigued her and I’m certain she will not only see the show but bring someone with her.  It reminded me of how theatre can move people.  And how I hope people are moved by my piece.

It’s Not Stamped On Your Forehead is a long time coming.  I’ve been trying to write about being sick basically since the time I was diagnosed almost twenty years ago.  At the very least I hope the show sparks an honest conversation about what it means to live with mental illness – the medications, the impact on relationships, constant doctor’s supervision, fear of relapse, and so much more.

Click Here To Buy Tickets to It’s Not Stamped On Your Forehead presented by The Midtown International Theatre Festival – August 1st 7:45pm; August 3rd 6pm; August 5th 7:15 at the Jewel Box Theatre 312 West 36th St.

Break Your Own Rules

I’ve always been someone who followed the rules 99% of the time.  I was always afraid of getting caught.  It got to the point that I made other people’s rules guidelines for how I should live my life.

All these years later I know I can let go of some of those rules.  They were only holding me back.

I encourage you to do something you once thought was inappropriate – it’s a form of stepping outside of the box  (I finally figured out what that expression really means).

So many more rules left to break . . .

From Where I Sit

June 19 17

Being Alone v. Being Independent

I think women are taught that being independent means that you have to be alone.  For some reason simply sharing your life and time with someone you care about means that you are dependent on them.

Independence is a state of mind.  It gives you the power to speak up, walk away from toxic relationships, and build bridges with people who have hurt you.

Independence is strength.  Strength that is long lasting.  You can be alone and insecure.  You can be alone and depressed.  But independence comes with optimism and ambition to work towards a better future.

I Am Independent.  I am Dependent. I am Depended Upon. It’s the best way to be.