Random Conversations

To Tip or Not To Tip

Recently I’ve been using Uber a lot and the drivers have been doing some amazing things.  One Uber driver helped me carry my groceries up the stairs.  Another Uber driver gave me some bottled water.  And then knowing that the app does not allow for tipping I had to give the drivers something for going the extra mile.

Then it made me think shouldn’t I tip all Uber drivers?  Just because they can make a good amount of money as Uber drivers through the app alone should they not be treated like every other cab driver and given a tip?

Maybe I’m just in the dark.  Do you tip your Uber driver?

Random Conversations

(In)Appropriate To Do . . .

So again I saw a stranger brushing their teeth in a public restroom and all I can think is WHY?

I do not believe brushing your teeth in a public restroom keeps your mouth clean. I believe all the germs in the bathroom go into your mouth.

That was my exact thought as I watched a woman cup her hands under a public faucet and rinse her mouth out.

In our quest to be clean sometimes we open ourselves up to a whole lot of mess.

Random Conversations

(In)Appropriate To Do . . .

The other day I saw a man flossing on the train. Now I truly believe in dental hygiene but is flossing on the train really necessary?  Will it result in irrevocable damage if you wait until you get home?

Now maybe he had something between his teeth & that is annoying but whatever happened to tooth picks?  And who are these people walking around with dental floss?

I still have to come to terms with the fact that there is nothing that isn’t done on the subway in NYC.

Random Conversations

Stupid Questions

My brother said, “People like to say that there is no such thing as a stupid question but sometimes people ask stupid questions.  Like if there’s a bottle of water on the table and someone comes to the table and asks “Is this water?”  That’s a stupid question.”

I grew up being told that there is no such thing as a stupid question but I have to admit that my brother has a point.

I read an article on Linkedin that said you should never begin a sentence with “This might be a stupid question” because it means you lack confidence.  But what if the question is really stupid and you don’t acknowledge that it might be then don’t you just look like an idiot?

I think you should know if your question is stupid or not but still not be afraid to ask it.  Sometimes when I ask a stupid question the answer surprises me.  And then I think I’m glad I’m not afraid to look stupid.

Random Conversations

Like Riding A Bike

I told a friend of mine that I wanted to do something I hadn’t done in twenty years.  He could tell that I was really nervous and even a bit paranoid so he said,

“It’s like riding a bike.”

I didn’t say that I never really learned how to ride a bike.  I tried to learn, biked into a tree, and then never rode a bike again.

But I understood what he meant.  Now if I had to I would get back on a bike.  I’ve already run into a tree.  It’s all up hill from there.

Random Conversations

No English Please

Recently I was in a African hair salon getting my hair done and listening to the women in the shop speak their native language while listening to some of their favorite songs.

And then for a moment as I sat in the chair, blind without my glasses, listening to them talk over the music, I felt I could hear beauty.

Unable to understand anything they were saying it seemed I understood everything they were saying – from their tone and occasional outbursts of laughter there was the feeling of warmth and love that being apart of a community provides.


Random Conversations

Random Conversations – The Third Person

I recently had a conversation with someone who referred to himself in the third person. It was the first time we’d met and it was at the beginning of our first conversation.  I was so taken aback it took me a full minute to realize the name he was using was actually his name.

Unfortunately the rest of the conversation was not very memorable but there was really no way he could top the way it started.  And oftentimes I forget people’s names as soon as they tell me but his I will never forget.

It’s funny how a mixture of arrogance and nervousness can leave such a lasting impression.

Random Conversations

Random Conversations – Things Don’t Always Work Out

Once I was talking with a friend of mine about what would happen if he were fired.  I said things typically work out for people and they find other jobs.  His response was what about the people who are homeless.  Things did not work out for them.

The truth is that sometimes things go horribly wrong but if you come out with your life you come out with a chance to rebuild.  The biggest failure of all is the loss of hope.

Random Conversations

Random Conversations – Close Quarters


Anyone who has been to the theater knows that theaters were built a long time ago for people who were much smaller than we are now.  We also know that theaters are designed to house as many people as possible.  This results in seats that are really only fit for small children.

The other day I went to a show and unfortunately my seat, one of the only seats left, was in the center of the row.  I like to sit on the aisle.  When I sat down the man beside me said,

“Hi.  How are you?  I guess we’re family now.”

I only laughed but as I struggled to figure out which part of either armrest belonged to me I realized the show makes the experience worthwhile and yes people who love theater are like an extended family.