Mental Health Tip

Talk To A Third Party!

I’ve learned the hard way that the best person to give me advice about a situation that I am in is a person that is not involved in the situation.

I need someone I can speak with honestly and openly (who I don’t have to pay).  Although they may know some of the people involved I need to know that they won’t judge me and will still love me after I express my true feelings.

I used to think this could be any nice person who cared about me but now I know that is not true.  It’s crucial that they not be involved.  I learned that involved people have their own agenda and their agenda may not be good for me at all.

Mental Health Tip

Give Up!

So often in my life I have run out of gas or lost complete hope.  I think it doesn’t matter what I do things will never work out.  I resign my life to my circumstances and I try to think of ways to adapt to my situation.  It is just at the time when I’m about to walk away that something happens that changes everything.

I’ve learned time and time again that just because I’ve given up that does not mean life has given up on me.

Mental Health Tip

Sleep Is So GOOD!

Recently I’ve been reminded of how restorative sleep really is for me.  So often I see many famous people on television talking about how little they sleep or how sleep is for losers. It’s true I used to be someone who didn’t sleep and I would probably still be someone who didn’t sleep but the transition from someone who hardly slept at all to someone who sleeps every night has been a great one for me.

When I didn’t sleep every night I would look forward to the day when I could crash.  It was typically a Saturday or Sunday and I would sleep for at least 10 hours.  When I woke up I was ready to face the week and not sleep at all.

Now that I do not have to wait for my crash day I can function at a high level for a longer period of time.  I’m much happier and pleasant at all times of the day.  I’m done with drinking energy drinks and I can keep my coffee intake to a minimum.

The funniest thing is that I’ve figured out how to get everything I want and need done and still sleep.  When I was younger I didn’t think that was possible.  The truth was I never even tried.

Mental Health Tip

5 Things To Know About Blessings – #4

They Don’t Have To Be About God

Even if you do not believe in God you may use other words to describe your blessings – luck, karma, coincidence, etc.

Some people are put off by the use of the word blessed and while it has a particular meaning for each individual it does not devalue the meaning of the word to think of it in other terms.  It takes on a unique meaning for each person.

Mental Health Tip

5 Things To Know About Blessings – #3

No One Survives Life Without Them

I believe everyone has a time when their lives are filled with blessings.  Maybe it’s a graduation, a dream job, an amazing trip, the birth of children, or just a stretch of time when they are really happy.  But no matter what each person gets to have that moment at some point where they feel like things are going well and will remain good for a while.  It would be nice if we all felt that way all the time.  But this period can only last so long and it happens at various times.  Without ever having this period life is nearly impossible to survive.

Mental Health Tip

5 Things To Know About Gratitude – #4

You Can Go Years And Not Feel It –

When I was very sick I saw no upside to anything.  I felt that way for years.  People told me I was fortunate because my illness was caught early, I had access to excellent care, and friends and family supported me.  But I didn’t feel grateful for any of it.  All I wanted was to get better.  I lived in an unappreciative state for about a decade and now I know all the things that helped me get better that I didn’t feel grateful for at the time sustain me now.