Fearless Thoughts, Lessons

Step Out On Faith

I’ve heard the same story told many different ways

One Way – A dog was tied to a fence with a long chain.  Whenever a squirrel came by he would run after it but have to stop when he was yanked by the chain.  This went on for several years and then one day the owner took the chain off of the dog and then a squirrel came by.  The dog ran as long as the length of chain and stopped.  He didn’t realize the chain was gone and that he could go after the squirrel.

Second Way – When an elephant is a baby it is tied to a very heavy pole.  The pole is too heavy for the baby elephant to get away from so the baby elephant learns to stick close to the pole.  When the elephant becomes an adult and has much more strength and power it is still tied to the same pole because it does not believe it has the strength to break free.

I’ve felt a bit like these animals.  I wonder what happens when I go beyond the length of the chain, recognize my own strength and move far away from the pole.


If You Did It Before You Can Do It Again

I realize when I doubt myself the most I am not looking into my past.  The strength and ability to do things I want to do in the future rests on a foundation.  The foundation is filled with setbacks and breakthroughs, laughter and pain, accomplishments and absolute failures.  But it is like a foundation beneath the ground.  I rest on it.  I build upon it.  It supports me when I cannot support myself.



If You Don’t Use It, You Lose It

I have to admit I remember very little of what I read when I was younger.  I’ve stopped attempting to do any kind of math in my head.  And pretty much every class I’ve ever taken boils down to a blur.  But these things aren’t important to me.

What has stuck with me and become stronger as I’ve gotten older are things like time management, thoroughness, and how to achieve long and short term goals.  I did not use all of these things all throughout my life but now these lessons and others have come back to me and it’s not like I’m doing it for the first time or rekindling a flame.  The actions come with the memory of having attempted to do these things before and that memory only makes me stronger.

Brownsville, Lessons

“If You Like It, I Love It”

So someone tells you something that sounds horrible to you and you can’t understand how they can deal with what they are dealing with.  You want to give them advice but you know that nothing you say to them is going to make them do anything different.  So you give up on them and trying to get them to change and you say,

“If You Like It, I Love It”

It’s the new way to call people stupid. – FYI


First Instinct

One of the very first things my mother ever told me was –

“Always trust your first instinct.”

But for most of my life as soon as I have an initial thought another one rolls in around the same time and sometimes I get a bit confused.  I try to relate my thought with my emotions and that can sometimes help me figure things out.

But what my mom didn’t tell me was that sometimes even my first instinct can be wrong.

And then what?

Of course, I try again.



Don’t Miss Your Window

When I was in my twenties and leaving the first full time position I ever had for a new position at a company I’d never heard of one of the VPs listened to my concerns and told me to take the job.  She said if it didn’t work out I could always come back to my old job.  That provided me a bit of comfort but she also told me that as I people get older opportunities tend to dry up.

Now I think of this in terms of open doors in front of me.  I know now that if I do not pick one to walk through they could all close in front of me and I will be stuck in the same spot for a long time.  So now I try not to miss the window of time when the door is open.  The trick is to figure out which of the doors stay open the longest.


Pull To The Left

One thing that makes me really happy is when I plan to do something in the future but then things work out where I can pull it into my present.

I don’t love it because I can then fit something new into that spot.  I love it because it frees me up to take a break.

I don’t know anything about the future but it’s always good to pull something that’s ahead of me right in front of me.


Bucket List

I don’t like the term bucket list.  I like to think in terms of goals and planning even though I’m fully aware that life has a way of happening.  And when it happens it doesn’t really matter how well you planned or how set you are on your goals you just have to go with life and see how it unfolds.

However, lately as mortality settles in, I’ve been thinking in terms of things I really would like to do.  I used to think that if I never did anything else I would be happy to die right now.  But now I just think I aimed a little low.

I’m still not going to put together a bucket list but now I want to move a bit faster so I can fit in so much more.


Happy Labor Day!

Someone told me when my play was accepted into a theatre festival for the first time that I should not become so obsessed with the future that I do not take time to enjoy the moment I was living in.

I’d heard and read it before, but in that moment when one of my biggest dreams was coming true it was the perfect advice.

I think of it often now to remind myself to take a break from my ambitions and just enjoy life.


Mortality Settles In – Part 2

So after the death of  my psychiatrist it really hit me how important my medication is.  My life is not possible without it.  I thought of how there are other people who need medication to live but then I thought of how much I stand to lose if I get sick again and the importance of my medication hit me again.

I know if I stop taking it I’ll get sick and it’s quite possible I could die.

Thank goodness for Pavlov.