Free Write

The Truth About A Person

Have you ever learned the truth about someone you’re really close to and it confirmed all of the bad things you thought about the person but you had to treat them like you have no idea who they really are?

Free Write

One Minute

Lately I often find myself waiting for one minute to pass –

One minute until the workday is over.

One minute before my alarm goes off.

One minute before a show I like comes on.

One minute before someone said that they would call me.

And what I realize is that one minute can be a long time when you have to wait it out.

I also realize no one ever says – “Give me a sec” anymore.

Seems like nothing or no one is ever that fast.

Free Write


I think like everyone sometimes I wonder what death really is.  Sometimes I look forward to it and sometimes I’m afraid of it.  Sometimes I think it would be good for me and sometimes I think it would be good for other people.  Sometimes I wonder if I will accomplish the things I want to accomplish before I die.  Sometimes I wonder what it truly means to live in the moment when death can occur at any moment.  Sometimes I hope I live a really long time.  Sometimes I hope I die without getting really sick again.  Sometimes I think there has to be a higher power that puts us here and takes us out.  Sometimes I think death comes at the right time.  Sometimes I hate the fact that there is such a thing as death at all.  Sometimes I think I could live forever.  Sometimes I think I can’t live through one more day.  And sometimes I just hope death means something better than life.

Free Write


Someone once asked me – What’s harder for you – waiting for something to start or waiting for something to end?

For me – definitely – waiting for something to start.  Once it’s begun I can get through pretty much anything.

But when it comes to beginnings people always tell me I don’t have any patience.

“Good things come to those who wait!”

But I often think – What if I run out of time?

That to me is one of the worst things about life – We have no idea when it ends.

Free Write

The View

in flight photo

Whenever I fly I can’t wait until I’m high enough to take pictures of the clouds.  It’s as close to outer space as I’m ever going to get and it’s as close to outer space as I feel comfortable being.

Sometimes I still can’t believe people figured out how to fly.  Even though I’ve been flying my entire life the awe is not lost on me.

Anything seems possible riding above the clouds!

Free Write


I remember being in my twenties – up late doing nothing waiting for my phone to ring – and then it rang and my go to friend was asking me to hang out.  We hadn’t spoken all day and I had no idea he was going to call but it didn’t matter where he wanted to go I knew once I heard his voice I was ready to go out.

Now I plan my nights out sometimes weeks in advance.  I like looking forward to something I know for sure is going to happen but some nights I think of that girl in her twenties watching tv and trying not to pay attention to the phone and I think yes we did have some fun.