Free Write

I Try

I try to respond well to change because I know it’s not always bad.  I try to be open to new ideas even though I want to do things my way.  I try to listen to people when I have something to say.  I try to change even though I know it’s really hard.

Trying at some point can lead to something else – maybe not success but something different (maybe that’s enough).

Free Write

If I Ever. . . .

I hate when people begin an apology with, “If I Ever. . .”  The truth is that person knows perfectly well that they have completely done whatever they are referring to with “if I ever”.  If they had never done it they would not be apologizing.  I find people don’t apologize unless they feel like they have to and saying if I ever just makes them feel better about it.

Should I just be happy they apologized at all?  Perhaps.  But whatever happened to just owning up to the wrong that you have done.  Whatever happened to saying I know I hurt you, I know that I am wrong.  I accept the apology but I am not happy with “if I ever” because it is usually something that never should have happened in the first place.

Free Write, It's Not Stamped On Your Forehead

When Cliches Come True

What’s in a cliche?  To me it’s a bit of truth and a bit of hope.

“Good things come to those who wait.”  I lose track the number of times someone has said this to me.  I’ve heard it so often that sometimes I say it to myself when I’m a bit restless.

“It takes as long as it takes.” – Ann (It’s Not Stamped On Your Forehead).  I wrote those words because I’d lived them.

These days I’m happy to have found my bit of truth.

Free Write

One Minute

Lately I often find myself waiting for one minute to pass –

One minute until the workday is over.

One minute before my alarm goes off.

One minute before a show I like comes on.

One minute before someone said that they would call me.

And what I realize is that one minute can be a long time when you have to wait it out.

I also realize no one ever says – “Give me a sec” anymore.

Seems like nothing or no one is ever that fast.