Free Write

To Judge or Not To Judge

The truth is it’s taken me a while to figure out exactly what I want to do.  Some people think I’m doing things I should have done when I was younger but when I was younger I was in and out of the hospital and barely able to function.  So why should I give up on my dreams because the prime age to do what I want has passed?

But clearly it has not passed because I am able to do it now.  It seems I’m just in the nick of time to fulfill my dreams.

Free Write

Why Did You Do That?

I’m used to people expecting more of me than from others but it gets a little tiring.  I know people expect a lot from me because I’ve done a lot in the past but sometimes the expectation is too great and the demand too high.  And when I don’t want to work to meet other people’s expectations anymore people blame me.  It’s suddenly my fault that their demands were too great and their expectations too high.  Sometimes I just want to be judged based off of other people’s accomplishments.  I think that would make my life easier to live.