Free Write

Bits & Pieces

Life is filled with good bits and bad bits.  It’s hard to have good bits for an extended period of time.  And when the time comes for the bad bits to creep in it always hurts a bit more amidst the good bits.

I’ve learned to pick out the good pieces of the bad bits.  They aren’t always there.  And typically you have to look really hard for them.  But when you find them hold onto them.  The good pieces make the bad bits bearable.

Free Write

What If?

What if we weren’t replaceable?  What if we were truly valuable?  What if our lives  meant something to strangers?  What if people were nice even when they didn’t need us?  What if we really mattered?

Would we act differently?  Would we choose our words a bit more carefully?  Would we care if it didn’t really matter?


Free Write


I don’t believe in being stuck but I understand being very tired.  Being very tired sometimes feels like you are stuck.  And sometimes it seems like no matter how much rest you get it’s not enough.  There seems to be no way to build up strength.

One thing that helps me when I feel this way is to notice the slight differences from one day to the next.  When everything looks and feels the same because the routine is draining I think of the present day compared to yesterday and note the differences.  Change can build momentum and sometimes you can kick start yourself.

Brownsville, Free Write


I tend to think that the people whose paths I cross are apart of my life for a reason.  When someone is no longer in my life I think back on when they were and I wonder why they were present in my life at that time.  What did I need to learn from them?  How can that experience help me going forward?  What will I do if I come across someone like them again?

I’m not sure that everything happens for a reason but I’m pretty sure every life has meaning and everyone who crosses my path did so with a purpose.  I just have  to figure it out.

Free Write

I Try

I try to respond well to change because I know it’s not always bad.  I try to be open to new ideas even though I want to do things my way.  I try to listen to people when I have something to say.  I try to change even though I know it’s really hard.

Trying at some point can lead to something else – maybe not success but something different (maybe that’s enough).

Free Write

If I Ever. . . .

I hate when people begin an apology with, “If I Ever. . .”  The truth is that person knows perfectly well that they have completely done whatever they are referring to with “if I ever”.  If they had never done it they would not be apologizing.  I find people don’t apologize unless they feel like they have to and saying if I ever just makes them feel better about it.

Should I just be happy they apologized at all?  Perhaps.  But whatever happened to just owning up to the wrong that you have done.  Whatever happened to saying I know I hurt you, I know that I am wrong.  I accept the apology but I am not happy with “if I ever” because it is usually something that never should have happened in the first place.

Free Write, It's Not Stamped On Your Forehead

When Cliches Come True

What’s in a cliche?  To me it’s a bit of truth and a bit of hope.

“Good things come to those who wait.”  I lose track the number of times someone has said this to me.  I’ve heard it so often that sometimes I say it to myself when I’m a bit restless.

“It takes as long as it takes.” – Ann (It’s Not Stamped On Your Forehead).  I wrote those words because I’d lived them.

These days I’m happy to have found my bit of truth.