Fearless Thoughts, It's Not Stamped On Your Forehead


In the midst of working on my first off Broadway production I keep in mind that there is only one first show.  This is no time to hold anything back or second guess every decision.

Even though there have been people who have told me that nothing could come of this there are others who say that this may be my destiny.  Only time will reveal the truth.

What I do know and feel is that I am at the beginning of something.  I do not know when or how it will end but I know that it is the start of something real.  I hold onto that feeling and work with little thought of the things that could or could not happen.

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Fearless Thoughts

From Where I Sit

June 8 17

Just Do What Makes You Happy

The truth is that this statement is easier said than done.  And sometimes you don’t know what makes you happy until you start doing it.  But sometimes you know exactly what makes you happy from a very early age and for whatever reason you give yourself you do not do it.

Other people may notice that you are unhappy and encourage you to do what you love while you wonder if they are truly happy themselves.  You might think how can an unhappy person tell another unhappy person to do what makes them happy.  Why aren’t they doing what makes them happy?

Not all people have to be happy with their entire lives.  Some people can absolutely love one aspect and hate another and still be happy.

But if you’re like me you seek total happiness.  If one aspect of your life is horrible then that impacts how you feel about everything else in your life.  Total happiness is next to impossible to maintain but if you’ve settled for less for a long time (as I have) then I believe you deserve a period of complete joy.

Everyone wants to just do what makes them happy.

But first you have to figure out what that means for you and go after it.



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Fearless Thoughts

What goes into a lifestyle?

I’ve been thinking of how in order to lose weight I have to make a lifestyle change.  I know I have to stop eating burgers, fries, fried chicken, etc. and get on a regular exercise schedule.  I’ve know these things for years.  And yet I’ve been unable to get going and actually make the change.  I feel like if I give these things up I will give up a part of what makes me who I am because I’ve been the person who eats that way my entire life.

I also now understand that a lifestyle change is so difficult because it is a change in mindset.  The change in my lifestyle is a change in my personality and I’ve been pretty much the same person for quite some time now.

And it’s really not about one day at a time.  It’s about the long run.  I can do things for one day, for several weeks, for several months.  But I have to get to a point where I can maintain the change for several years and I just haven’t gotten to that point yet.

My mom says I can do anything I set my mind to.

My mind is both the problem and the solution.

Fearless Thoughts

Comfort in the Uncomfortable

Whenever I start something new I get a tingling in my stomach that creeps up into my throat.  I try to take deep breaths to make it go away but that only moves the tingling to my head.

It is only once I begin to work that the discomfort starts to ease and I lose myself for a bit in the things I have to do.  At this time of focus there is a calm.  I’m not sure if things will work out and I don’t think about all the things that could go wrong.

It is then that I realize that the tingling is necessary and the unease essential because the only way over it is to work without fear.

Fearless Thoughts

Fearless Thoughts – Welcome Success

Fear of Success is real.  And I believe it’s something that more women struggle with than men.  Most men are groomed to be successful, powerful, wealthy and when these things happen to them they just accept it as something that should happen to them.  Most women feel like they should be content with what they have and when the possibility comes to go after something more they hesitate.  I have been this kind of woman for too long and I now tell everyone, male or female, don’t be afraid of success.  The risk is worth it.

Fearless Thoughts

Fearless Thoughts – Learn to Swim

When I was very young I almost drowned.  I was in Florida and my mother was in NY and when the news got back to her she immediately signed me up for swimming lessons.  I learned how to swim but soon my fear of drowning returned and as an adult I took swimming lessons again.  As I learned to swim all over again I became comfortable with my head under the water and I even began to practice my breathing in the shower.

Overcoming my fear became my obsession and I realized that one of the reasons I could overcome my fear was that I could identify it.  An unnamed fear can be paralyzing.

Fearless Thoughts

Fearless Thoughts – It Works But Try Something New Anyway

I realize now that part of what is inhibiting my development is my fear of trying to do something I feel I’m already good at in a different way.  I have to face the fact that even though I’ve had success someone else might have a better way.  My first attempt at the new way only has to work once to give me the confidence to move forward.  And then the new way becomes my way until I’m brave enough to try something else.