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These Are Not BBQ Potato Chips


I’ll be honest – I’ve had 2 bags of potato chips since I started this whole lifestyle change thing – but people told me that I can eat popcorn.  It’s filling and low in calorie.  But it cannot replace chips.  At first I told myself I was strong enough to not have a cheat day or ever eat a cheat snack or meal.  I can tell you I’m not that strong.  I’m doing the best I can and it seems to be working but please whoever tells people that they can eat popcorn in place of chips – STOP IT!

Fearless Thoughts

“Put Your Mind To It”

My mother told me years ago that I could lose weight if I just “put my mind to it.”

It recently occurred to me as I’ve begun to shed some pounds that my  mother has been saying this to me my entire life – “Just put your mind to it.”  It’s a bit longer than “Just do it.” but the meaning is the same.

For most of my life this advice has worked well for me.  Up until I lost my mind and then the doubts began to settle in.  It’s been a twenty year crawl to the point where I trust my mind enough to actually believe this statement again but my faith in my mind is back and my body is beginning to follow.

Fearless Thoughts


Have you ever wished you’d forgiven someone sooner?

I don’t know if it’s just me but when someone hurts me – I mean really hurts me to my core – it takes me a really long time to get over it.  And even when I’m supposedly over it something they said or something they did will pop back into my head at random times and just piss me off all over again.

Lately, though, I’ve been thinking I hold onto a grudge for too long.  There’s no going back to the way things used to be before I was hurt but I could  be kinder sooner rather than later.

Fearless Thoughts

What happens today?

There’s an exercise for writers when we don’t know what to write. It says just write I don’t know what to write over and over again until you figure something out.

I’m not going to do that here but I want to take a minute to acknowledge the wall created by real & perceived expectations.

I’ve decided to push myself & I know I will fail at some point at something but I refuse to let my inevitable failure curve my ambitions.

Is the risk the same walking under the ladder as walking up?

Brownsville, Fearless Thoughts

Inside v. Outside

Sometimes I look out on Brownsville and all I see is beauty.  The word projects doesn’t seem to describe the buildings from the outside.  When I go other places I see buildings that are built the same with the same brick and the same number of floors but I know that those places are not projects because of the zip code.

When I walk through Brownsville these days I see shelter for families, communal areas for friends, people working and succeeding, kids going to school everyday and working towards their future.

On the inside people are not sitting around feeling sorry for themselves, hoping someone or something will come and save them.  On the inside people are relaxing, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company.  A word will conjure an image but that is only one perspective.

Fearless Thoughts

Be About It

I listened to someone go on and on about how people are supposed to behave and speak and then I watched them speak disrespectfully and act harshly towards someone else.

It’s a common thing.  I’ve run into it often.  The people who think they have the right to speak to and treat people anyway they feel like and then the rest of the time tell people how to talk to and treat others.

I’m just sick of listening to the person who talks about respect (how they deserve it and how important it is) and then watching that same person disrespect someone.

So I just want to say if you can’t Be About It Then Shut Up About It.

Brownsville, Facing Forward, Fearless Thoughts

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


This photo has hung in my dad’s apartment for as long as I can remember.  I’ve never asked him about it because it’s presence always seemed self explanatory.

Recently as I’ve been thinking of my aging parents and how they’ve lived through so much of the Black history I’ve studied, I pause when I think of Dr. King the man and Dr. King the leader.  He was quite exceptional at being both.

In my past few years in NYC I’ve learned that men should not be judged by their mistakes because there is no human being past present or future who can live without making them.  I see men in terms of the lives they touch in a positive way while they’re living and after they’ve past.

I wasn’t alive when Dr. King gave his I Have A Dream speech and like Jerrod Carmichael said the speech might be easier for people of my generation to remember if Pharrell had produced it.  But Dr. King continues to touch our lives in a positive way because at the beginning of every year we stop and remember his Dream and we’re reminded of all the work we have to do to fulfill it.

Fearless Thoughts, It's Not Stamped On Your Forehead


In the midst of working on my first off Broadway production I keep in mind that there is only one first show.  This is no time to hold anything back or second guess every decision.

Even though there have been people who have told me that nothing could come of this there are others who say that this may be my destiny.  Only time will reveal the truth.

What I do know and feel is that I am at the beginning of something.  I do not know when or how it will end but I know that it is the start of something real.  I hold onto that feeling and work with little thought of the things that could or could not happen.

You can buy tickets to my first show – It’s Not Stamped On Your Forehead – at NatashaCobb.com – Be apart of my beginning!