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The Future of Home

All around Brownsville there are signs of a bright future – building renovations, new businesses moving in, kids going to school, adults going to work.  I have a feeling of hope for the community and want nothing more than to be apart of all of the positive change.

It will take the work of everyone in the community to move it forward.  People have to appreciate the work that is being put into the community and not resist every sign of change.

We must move forward together.  There is a lot of work to be done but there’s no reason to stop or go backwards now.


Spare Change?

I know that we live at a time when there are a lot of people who are homeless and struggling but I still have not gotten used to people begging in Brownsville.

Even though this is a poor community when I was younger no one ever asked anyone to give them money for food or anything else.  People in the community provided for themselves and when in need there were friends or family to provide and it seemed no one had to depend on the kindness of strangers.

Now I’m struck by people of all races on the trains and streets of Brownsville asking for spare change.  Is it just too accepted to ask for money now or do people really feel there is no other way to get help?  I’m not sure anymore.  My mother always says there’s no harm in asking I just wish people would think to offer help just as often as they think to ask for it.


3 Black Cats

There’s a new cafe/cakery in Brownsville called 3 Black Cats.  It’s something straight out of Manhattan with Brooklyn prices.  It’s owned and operated by 3 Black women and represents all that Brownsville could be.

Awesome place right on Belmont Ave and more wonderful places are set to open there.  Gentrification does not have to be a bad word – Black people can elevate themselves!