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I tend to think that the people whose paths I cross are apart of my life for a reason.  When someone is no longer in my life I think back on when they were and I wonder why they were present in my life at that time.  What did I need to learn from them?  How can that experience help me going forward?  What will I do if I come across someone like them again?

I’m not sure that everything happens for a reason but I’m pretty sure every life has meaning and everyone who crosses my path did so with a purpose.  I just have  to figure it out.



I ate Dominos and I thought to myself –

“If I eat Dominos today I won’t gain twenty pounds tomorrow.”

Lately I’ve been thinking of how I’m going to do on my own.  I’m ending my personal training sessions at the end of this month.  November – the rest of my life – I will try to make this work on my own.

I’m telling myself – I got this! – But time will tell.  I will say this the bad foods I used to love don’t taste as good as they used to.  No more Doninos until 2019!

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“If You Like It, I Love It”

So someone tells you something that sounds horrible to you and you can’t understand how they can deal with what they are dealing with.  You want to give them advice but you know that nothing you say to them is going to make them do anything different.  So you give up on them and trying to get them to change and you say,

“If You Like It, I Love It”

It’s the new way to call people stupid. – FYI

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A former teacher of mine told me “To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Expected.”

When she said it I actually stopped and thought about all of the things I’ve been given – and it’s a lot.  The path I was placed on at a very early age leads to the life I lead now.  In a way the opportunities were laid in front of me like the yellow brick road leading to the Wizard of Oz.  It just makes sense that I ended up back at home (like nowhere else).

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Mental Health Tip: Talk to Your Dad

So I’m super blessed to have both my mom & dad in my life.  But I have to admit prior to moving back to NYC I hardly ever spoke to my dad.  I spend way more time with him now than I ever did when I was growing up.  I didn’t believe I would ever really have a good relationship with my dad but I was wrong (thank goodness).

Now it’s not so much the conversations I have with my dad as his sayings.  I know he’s in a good mood when he says, “Whatsdoing?”  I had never heard this saying before and other than the outrageous grammar error I thought it was just something he made up.  Then I met a woman around my dad’s age and she asked me the same thing.  Clearly it’s a generational thing.  It makes me think of how the young men in the neighborhood call my dad “Old Skool”.

In my time with my dad I’ve learned that he’s come quite far for a man who’s stayed in the same neighborhood for over 50 years.  In my time in NYC he’s provided me a safe haven batting away all my concerns with a single phrase – “I gotcha.”