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Natasha was a young girl from the Van Dyke projects of Brooklyn, New York, desperately searching for a way to see a bit more of the world.  St. Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire gave her a chance to be more than what her circumstances would allow.  Twenty years later she reflects on her four years at the school and how the experience changed how she saw herself.

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Brownsville, It's Not Stamped On Your Forehead

Pulling Everything Together

July 5 17 3

I feel like directing It’s Not Stamped On Your Forehead pulls together every skill and talent I’ve acquired and honed throughout my entire life.

While the story pulls from actual parts of my life it is so much  more than me.  Whether you have a mental illness or not or even if you do not know anyone with a mental illness the show is still informative and entertaining.

It’s Not Stamped On Your Forehead is being presented by the Midtown International Theatre Festival August 1st 7:45pm  August 3rd 6pm  August 5th 7:15pm

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