Mental Health Tip

Mental Health Tip: Strangers Are Important

I always underestimate the influence a stranger has over my mood.  A stranger on the train or someone I bump into on the street has the ability to brighten or dampen my day.  I don’t really want to give a stranger any control over my emotions but sometimes people can be really nice and helpful or sometimes people can be really nasty and hateful.  And even though I try not to let people bother me or impact me in any way it always seems to happen.

It’s like when I’m really exhausted and I have a lot of bags and I get on the train and a man gets up and gives me his seat.  I’m always so happy and so grateful and it makes my day so much better.  It’s the unexpected kindness that makes each day a bit more bearable.

Mental Health Tip

Mental Health Tip: The First Time You Think It Is Probably Not The First Time It’s Been Thought

I always remember the time I wrote the phrase “mind’s eye”.  I was so happy at something I believed was completely original.  It wasn’t until I began to read more and more that I realized I had not made up a phrase.  It was more likely that I had read it quite often without realizing it and when I used it I thought it was original.

It maybe true that everything has been done or said before but I firmly believe that every person is unique and each person has their own unique slant to everything.  But now when I think of something and believe it is the first time it’s ever been thought I just remind myself that it’s probably just the first time I thought of it.

Fearless Thoughts

These Are Not BBQ Potato Chips


I’ll be honest – I’ve had 2 bags of potato chips since I started this whole lifestyle change thing – but people told me that I can eat popcorn.  It’s filling and low in calorie.  But it cannot replace chips.  At first I told myself I was strong enough to not have a cheat day or ever eat a cheat snack or meal.  I can tell you I’m not that strong.  I’m doing the best I can and it seems to be working but please whoever tells people that they can eat popcorn in place of chips – STOP IT!