From Fear to Peace

When I was very young I almost drowned.  I went under twice and came back up flailing my arms and trying to scream as my mouth, nose, and lungs filled with water.  The third time I went under I felt a hand wrap around mine and pull me onto the side of the pool where there were bars.  It was my cousin.  Even though I didn’t know how to swim I thought I could pass him as we edged around the pool.  I would only let go for a few seconds and then be back on the pole.  A few seconds away from the pole turned into one of the scariest moments of my life.  I lived with the fear of drowning for many years even after taking swimming lessons twice.

But recently I find solace in the waves.  Gone are my fears of how water can take everything away – life, property, landscapes.  And in its place is a calm that fills me with security with a future that is completely unknown.


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