Facing Forward

Sometimes Happiness Finds You

For most of my life I knew exactly what I wanted but I still had no idea what I wanted.  What I mean is that I didn’t know anything about what I wanted except that I wanted it.  The things I wanted seemed nice from the outside but I didn’t have any friends who had the life I wanted and the people who I thought had the life I wanted didn’t seem to want to take any time to share anything about their lives with me.

It occurred to me recently that I have many of the things I’ve always wanted and instead of feeling like I should be happy I actually feel happy.  I’ve spent my entire life trying to accomplish many things I have accomplished and I give myself permission to relax and be happy.  This truth came over me very slowly and overtook me completely.

Now I ask myself is it still settling if you’re happy where you wound up?

I don’t think so.


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