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Step Out On Faith

I’ve heard the same story told many different ways

One Way – A dog was tied to a fence with a long chain.  Whenever a squirrel came by he would run after it but have to stop when he was yanked by the chain.  This went on for several years and then one day the owner took the chain off of the dog and then a squirrel came by.  The dog ran as long as the length of chain and stopped.  He didn’t realize the chain was gone and that he could go after the squirrel.

Second Way – When an elephant is a baby it is tied to a very heavy pole.  The pole is too heavy for the baby elephant to get away from so the baby elephant learns to stick close to the pole.  When the elephant becomes an adult and has much more strength and power it is still tied to the same pole because it does not believe it has the strength to break free.

I’ve felt a bit like these animals.  I wonder what happens when I go beyond the length of the chain, recognize my own strength and move far away from the pole.


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