Mental Health Tip

Mental Health Tip: You Can’t Predict Who In Your Life Will Provide The Most Support

When I lived in Boston I had a few go-to people.  When I moved back to NY I wondered what would happen to me without them.  I knew I had my parents here but I knew I would need more than them in order to really make it.

One of the scariest thoughts I have as a person with bipolar disorder is that people will not want to have anything to do with me.  They will think it’s too much work to have a sick friend and they will choose not to.  And then once I establish the relationship I fear I will get sick and lose everything.  It has happened before.

But I’m happy to say that in NYC I have found support I could have never imagined from the most unexpected people.

Don’t turn down support. The person you just met may have the support you really need.


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