Mental Health Tip

Mental Health Tip: Stay Up Late

If you’re someone like me who needs medication in order to fall asleep you know it’s important to take your meds at a certain time so that you can get up and get to work on time (if you work a typical job where you get in by 9am).

It’s always fun to stay up late talking with friends or hanging out with people whose company you enjoy but sometimes just staying up on your own is a lot of fun.  I also think it’s good for your brain.

It’s weird but I feel like my brain becomes bored with the routine and wants to stay up late sometimes.  After one really late night I sleep so much better the rest of the week.

That could just be my personality – I can only do the same thing so many times before I HAVE to do something different.  So even if I just watch movie after movie one night this week I’ll be up late.  It helps keep me sane.


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