Facing Forward

“Maybe It Has Nothing To Do With You”

I remember sitting in my psychiatrist’s office in Boston going on and on about how people were treating me a certain way and saying certain things to me.  At the time it seemed to me that I was sitting in a circle and everyone I came in contact with did or said something negative to me because of something I said or did.

Mid-complaints my psychiatrist stopped me and said – “Maybe It Has Nothing To Do With You.”  The thought never occurred to me before and it was quite freeing.  I needed to stop taking things so personally.  Now sometimes people are coming after me specifically but not always and it’s important for me to be able to figure that out.

That bit of advice hit home this week and even though he’s not my psychiatrist anymore I’m still stunned by all the things he was right about and how well he prepared me to go out on my own and thrive.


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