Facing Forward


Someone very close to me told me that having a routine can be freeing.  I didn’t quite understand what they meant when I heard it because I was still in the process of building out my routine.  Now that I’m on firm ground with my routine I understand exactly what they meant.

It’s like when I get up in the morning and I don’t know what I want for breakfast but then I remember what I always eat for breakfast and my problem is solved.

It’s like when I don’t work out for a week and I think of how I’m going to get back into working out but I already know I’ve set aside 3 days a week to work out and I just pick one of those days to jump back into things.

My routine frees up my mind to focus on other things or to just relax.  It gives me more freedom than deciding what to do on a day to day basis. (Thanks for the insight Maki!)


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