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“It’s Over With Now”

I hate when I’m having a conversation with someone, talking about how I feel, and then right in the middle of my thought the other person says, “It’s Over With Now.”  It’s so dismissive.  It’s like saying I don’t really care how you feel.  Your feelings don’t really matter and I don’t want to talk about this anymore so whey don’t you just shut up.

And I do shut up.  I feel like if the person really wanted to hear what I had to say or cared how I felt they would have listened to me and not shut me down mid thought.

And then I wonder if people are trying to make me feel better.  As if telling me it’s over with now will make me stop thinking about it and move on.  And eventually I do move on from whatever was bothering me but I always remember the person who tells me “It’s Over With Now” because if that person were actually listening to me then they would understand that it wasn’t quite over for me yet and maybe they would just listen.


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