So when I was in college I learned of Pavlov’s dogs.  I didn’t think much of it until I ended up in a mental hospital.

At 9pm every night a nurse would find me and give me my pills if I did not go to the window and receive them like I should have.  It pissed me off when I was in the hospital.  Why did I always have to take my meds at 9pm?  What if I was busy?  What if I didn’t feel like it?  Why did they come looking for me?  I knew where to go to get the pills – just wait until I get there.  But at 9pm like clockwork they managed to give me my meds.

Now – many years later – at 9pm everyday the thought of taking my meds comes to mind.  I was well conditioned and I’m a little bit thankful except for the nights when I don’t want to take my meds at 9pm and the thought will not leave my mind.  Some people forget to take their meds entirely and that would be catastrophic for me so it’s all for the best.


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