Mental Health Tip

Mental Health Tip: Remember Who You Are

It became very important to me to learn more about myself before I became sick.  After twenty years with a mental illness it became hard to remember who I was before I had a mental illness.

Remembering who I was before the illness helped me define my definition of health.  People always assume I’m fine because I can hold a job and carry on a decent conversation.  But I rarely talk about the day to day struggles of someone who has been told they are in remission.

People ask What is success to you?  I ask What is health to you?

What is the health equivalent of having a million dollars?

I know I’m there yet but I’m just asking myself because now for the first time I actually feel like my mind is healthy.  Maybe it’s the diet and exercise, maybe it’s the reduction in my stress level, maybe it’s the presence of good friends and family.  But it’s probably a combination of all these things (and the right medications).  But if I hadn’t taken the time to figure out who I was before the illness I wouldn’t appreciate my health today.


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