Facing Forward, Lessons

What I Crave!

I used to feel like I needed a double cheeseburger.  And I’ve felt for many years that I need french fries in my life.

Now when I think of food I think of what I want.  It’s a slight change of thought but when I think in terms of what I want I can not have it because I know that I do not need it.

I spent the first month of my lifestyle change attempt inside of my apartment sitting one on one with my cravings.  I listened as my stomach growled and stared into space and tried to clear my mind.  I felt a bit like someone in a movie going through a drug detox who has to lock themselves in a hotel room.  But instead of just one weekend my detox took three.

I feel a lot better.  I’m sure there are many more hurdles ahead but to me the beginning is the hard part.


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