Facing Forward

4 Flights

For many years now stairs have been my enemy.  I have a special kind of hatred for the 4 flights of stairs leading to the elevated 3 train.  I can think of nothing I’d rather do less than climb up 67 steps (yes I counted) first thing in the morning.  I always start out slowly in the hopes of not being out of breath when I reach the platform but I always end up having to take a break in the middle.  Gasping for air as I look up at the last two flights I often wondered if I would ever be able to climb up those stairs without almost passing out.

I will proudly say I can now climb the 4 flights without stopping and not gasp for air when I’m done.

I guess this diet and exercise thing really works – the part of me that still wants a quarter pounder with cheese, a large fries, and coke, wishes all the doctors were wrong.

No McDonald’s in over 3 weeks – what have I become?


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