Real Improvement

a tree grows in brooklyn

The last time someone asked me where I grew up in Brooklyn and I told them Brownsville they asked me if I lived in the good part of Brownsville and I had to say that there really wasn’t a good part.

Now I feel comfortable saying that there is plenty of good going on in Brownsville.  The community is changing and there is significant improvement.  For one crime is down and people feel safe walking around at night as well as the day.

Even my dad, a fifty year resident, told me he noticed the difference.  He tells me it’s not as bad as it used to be.  He asks me if I remember what it was like when I was little and he assures me that it is different.  I take his word for it over any statistic.  He is apart of the fabric of the community and if he notices an improvement then to me it is real.

I hope the trend continues and perhaps long after the days of my dad a young child will tell someone that they live in Brownsville and the other person will say I hear it’s pretty nice there.  The positive change is slow but it is happening.


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  1. Your photo of a tree looks like one of the million trees planted during the Bloomberg administration. I’m hopeful that they’ll give away more trees, and keep planting in every available place. In twenty years all of these little teenage trees will be big enough to change the way we all feel about where we live!

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