Free Write

Sometimes People Forget

Once and a while someone who knows that I have a mental illness asks me a question and I think to myself – Do they not remember that I’m sick?

In particular when it becomes evident that I am tired or in need of a break and someone questions me as if they can’t figure out how I can be tired even though they know all of the things I have on my plate.

I want to lash out and say what I’m not allowed to be tired? or do you think everything should fall on me?

People think I like being in charge and truthfully I do like being in charge but I’ve learned that truly successful leaders rely on others to make everything run smoothly.  I know now that I can be in charge and still not run everything.  Leadership is about teamwork and what makes a team work well together is proper communication.

I hardly ever lash out at people anymore.  I want people to be on my team and enjoy working with me.  I also don’t want to ever forget that I am sick and keep in mind that I need rest and to take breaks because once I forget I know I’m in danger of relapse and there’s no reason for me to jeopardize my health.


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