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I’m Not A Member of the Inferior Sex

I just went to see a play called Mankind by Robert O’Hara (a very gifted playwright).  In his play he creates a world where women are extinct and men have developed the ability to have babies but they only can produce male babies.

The play has a larger message about the importance of Planned Parenthood and how women should have all the rights of men but I kept thinking why is it the men who have to decide that women deserve equal rights.  Just the fact that we have to convince men that we’re not inferior has caused me a bit of unrest.

A feeling of superiority is a character flaw.  It’s one many people have and I have been on the negative end of that feeling for quite some time.

In the play one of the men calls women the “inferior” sex because they couldn’t survive and men are the superior sex because they adapted and were able to reproduce on their own.

I just felt like saying – fictional world or real world – I am not a member of the inferior sex.  People need to stop thinking that there is one!


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