Mental Health Tip

Sleep Is So GOOD!

Recently I’ve been reminded of how restorative sleep really is for me.  So often I see many famous people on television talking about how little they sleep or how sleep is for losers. It’s true I used to be someone who didn’t sleep and I would probably still be someone who didn’t sleep but the transition from someone who hardly slept at all to someone who sleeps every night has been a great one for me.

When I didn’t sleep every night I would look forward to the day when I could crash.  It was typically a Saturday or Sunday and I would sleep for at least 10 hours.  When I woke up I was ready to face the week and not sleep at all.

Now that I do not have to wait for my crash day I can function at a high level for a longer period of time.  I’m much happier and pleasant at all times of the day.  I’m done with drinking energy drinks and I can keep my coffee intake to a minimum.

The funniest thing is that I’ve figured out how to get everything I want and need done and still sleep.  When I was younger I didn’t think that was possible.  The truth was I never even tried.


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