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June 28 17 1

Close & Comfortable

One of the moments I love on the subway is when I look around the car and see plenty of empty seats but two strangers are sitting right next to one another.  Neither is irritated by the others presence so neither one of them gets up to move to a different seat.  I watch them very closely waiting for someone to move over.  And when it never happens I marvel at how at ease two strangers can be in each other’s space.

The other day it happened to me.  I sat in a corner seat just me and another person as the train emptied.  I waited to see if the woman sitting next to me would get up.  It occurred to me that I was perfectly comfortable and the effort it would take to get up and go to another seat was not worth disturbing my comfort.  And the woman sitting next to me must have felt the same way because neither one of us moved until it was time to exit the train.

It was a notable moment for me because I practically never feel comfortable sitting close to strangers.  If there is free space in some other part of the train I always move.  But not that day.

Sometimes it’s more comfortable to share personal space than it is to enlarge it.


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