Facing Forward

From Where I Sit

June 26 17 1


Recently all of the train stations along the 3 line in Brownsville have been renovated.  Standing on a smooth platform with new metal seats and clean siding I was happy at the encouraging sign of good things to come.

But it occurred to me as I walked up the five flights of stairs to the elevated train that it would have been nicer if the renovations included an escalator or an elevator.

There are no subways in Brownsville that are accessible for anyone who is in the least bit handicapped.  And speaking honestly everyone in NYC knows that it’s almost impossible to travel on the subway in a wheelchair or with a cane.  The train is for those of us who can stand for long periods of time, walk down endless halls, and climb up and down seemingly never ending flights of stairs.

Why does being handicapped mean so much of the city is off limits?

Yes, it would take a ton of money to change everything but a few more escalators and a bit less stairs could make everyone’s day a lot more pleasant.  And maybe then we would get along a bit better packed in tunnels with less freedom than the rats that run wild beneath the tracks.


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