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June 8 17

Just Do What Makes You Happy

The truth is that this statement is easier said than done.  And sometimes you don’t know what makes you happy until you start doing it.  But sometimes you know exactly what makes you happy from a very early age and for whatever reason you give yourself you do not do it.

Other people may notice that you are unhappy and encourage you to do what you love while you wonder if they are truly happy themselves.  You might think how can an unhappy person tell another unhappy person to do what makes them happy.  Why aren’t they doing what makes them happy?

Not all people have to be happy with their entire lives.  Some people can absolutely love one aspect and hate another and still be happy.

But if you’re like me you seek total happiness.  If one aspect of your life is horrible then that impacts how you feel about everything else in your life.  Total happiness is next to impossible to maintain but if you’ve settled for less for a long time (as I have) then I believe you deserve a period of complete joy.

Everyone wants to just do what makes them happy.

But first you have to figure out what that means for you and go after it.



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