Facing Forward

New York, New York

May 5 17

After two weeks in Texas my first full work day back in NYC felt the way my mom’s macaroni and cheese tastes – like no one else could ever make anything just like it.

I didn’t cringe as the man, much taller than me, took a deep breath down my neck, or scream excuse me to the man who refused to budge as I got off the train.  Today I just sucked in my gut and squeezed by not caring at all about my shrinking personal space.

I looked at the billboards that surrounded me with shows I’d never watch and products I’d never buy but I was happy to have them so near.

I listened intently as music I didn’t like blared from car windows and didn’t become annoyed as someone spoke a different language in my ear.

If there was ever any doubt in my mind about how much I love NYC it is gone.

This city is where I belong!


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