Random Conversations

Random Conversations – Doing As Told

The other day, when it was unseasonably warm (60 degrees in December) I got onto an elevator and the man standing there with me asked me,

“Aren’t you warm in that coat?  Did you not know it was going to be 60 degrees today?”

I smiled, laughed a bit, and answered that I was fine.

The reason I had on my winter coat when it was 60 degrees in December was not because I wasn’t aware of the warm up before I left home but because my mother always says not to change your clothing with the weather in the winter.  It may be 60 in the middle of the day but it won’t be 60 at night.

My mother’s been telling me that for years.  That was the first day I ever did it.  I was glad.  It wasn’t 60 at night!  And I was warm!


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