Brownsville, Facing Forward

No Other Choice


This is a pic of the L train emptying because the delay is so severe they have arranged for another train to come on an alternate track.

I want to take a moment to rant about the subway system in NYC for every New Yorker who hates being told that “there is train traffic ahead” and can’t understand why a “sick passenger” means the entire line has to shut down for several hours.  For all the “switch problems”, “fires on the tracks”, “shuttle bus services” and “weekend schedule changes”;  For all the times the GPS locator says the train will be in the station in 2 minutes and then it turns into 5 and then the numbers turn into the word “delay”;  For every day someone shows up late for work even though they left home twenty minutes early to account for all the train delays; And for every time a schedule adjustment means the train in front of you will not stop at your stop and then you ask the conductor what is happening and they say, “I don’t know I’m not the one making decisions”, closes their window, and stops taking questions, I just want to say,

“This F-ing Sucks!”

The only other option is driving into the city and that is not much better.



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