Mental Health Tip

Mental Health Tip: Make the Effort to Reach Out


Before I became sick I used to be someone who reached out to people to find out how they were doing, to say hello, to ask them to go out with me.  And once I became ill and began to believe that no one really cared about me I switched to a person who waited to see if anyone reached out to me.  This just gave me a lot of time to myself and then I began to enjoy spending time on my own and almost completely abandoned the effort to reach out to people at all.

Now I understand that people are happy to hear from people they care about or even someone new and I make a conscious decision to reach out to people as often as I can.  That decision has enriched my life and made me happier.  And when I least expect it someone reaches out to me and I know the universe is rewarding me for my efforts.



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