Nicki & Ricki


Before I left for boarding school I convinced my father to buy me two parakeets.  My mother said I could not have them so that made me want they more than anything.  And things being what they were between my parents at the time my father bought me two birds, a cage, and bird food.  We sat them in the hallway and they chirped every morning.

Pretty soon I was accepted into SPS and unable to take Nicki & Ricki with me.  I believed my father would care for them because he bought them for me.  I gave him the credit for keeping them alive all throughout my high school years.  But now I know it was my mother who cared for the birds she never wanted.  She kept them alive and they made me smile every time I saw them.  I remember Nicki (she was yellow) would dance to music and Ricki (he was blue) was afraid of everyone.  I let them out of the cage once to fly around the apartment and they were almost impossible to catch so they spent the rest of their lives in the cage (which was big enough for them to fly in).



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