Facing Forward


Aug 3 16

After deciding to go to Whole Foods to pick up a few things for lunch instead of eating at Five Guys today I was in a rush to get home and eat again.  On the train I realized that I had to work out before I could eat and I knew I needed a snack.  I had a banana and an hour later I was working out.

These were all decisions I made in spite of how I felt.  I really wanted Five Guys fries (they’re delicious).  I really wanted to eat as soon as I got home (I didn’t have Five Guys so I was still hungry from my healthy (but not so filling) lunch.  And I had no desire to work out at all.  Sometimes I hate the fact that humans have to work out.  (My cat never works out and at his recent vet appointment he’d slimmed down a whole pound.  His whole life is about finding a nice place to lay down and looking for his next treat.)

But I’ve decided to make some life changes and it’s a day by day thing.  I’ll enjoy my victory of today knowing there are many (probably much harder) battles ahead.

Keep Going!


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