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Baby Steps

Aug 1

So I was a plump baby, a big boned middle schooler, an obese college student, and now I’m just fat.

My battle with weight is due to my desire to never exercise and my love of everything fried (especially french fries)!

Today – the 3 month mark of my blogging everyday – is also the day I begin to include working out into my daily routine.  Blogging everyday has changed how I view my life and given me more confidence to work towards goals that have eluded me most of my life.  So from now on I will begin to include blog posts about my battle to eat healthy and exercise.

Today I had a cream cheese danish and coffee for breakfast instead of fruit and water like I planned.  But I worked out tonight and tomorrow is another day.

I also want to shout out an incredible inspiration – Diane Maldonado – you do the things people talk about doing and you do it amazingly – Congratulations & Much Love  #spsfam!


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