Mental Health Tip

Mental Health Tip: Watch A Movie

July 25

When I was on disability and going through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) I had to have an activity for each day of the week.  The weekdays were easy because I was in a Day Program but the weekend was just a lot of time to sit around and think about everything that was wrong with my life at the time.

My doctors made me write down one activity for Saturday and one activity for Sunday.

My Saturday activity was to watch a movie.

I liked to make the most out of my activity so I actually got out of bed and went to the movies.  Sometimes I would have my own personal date night with myself on Saturday night.  Those were actually the most fun – watching blockbusters and feeding off the positive energy of the crowd.    To me the strangers seemed more like company than a nuisance.

Now I like to watch movies at home but it serves the same purpose.  I relax, forget my problems for 90  minutes, cry, laugh, jump with fright and then I can tell somebody about it later.  Maybe they’ve already seen it and we can relive the highlights together or maybe they like the story so much they go out and watch it themselves.

I love movies.  I love watching movies.  I still love going to the movies.

It can be an escape and it can be a comfort.


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