Brownsville, Concord

Next Stop Surprise

May 17

One of the first things I did when was a freshman at Harvard was to get on the Red Line and get off at a random stop.  I always remember the rush I felt when I got to the stop and did not know where I was.  I didn’t want to stay too far from the station for fear of getting lost.  There were these tall brick buildings that reminded me of home.   I walked towards the buildings and marveled at how similar they seemed to Brownsville.  So close to Harvard yet a lifetime away from Cambridge.  I came back to this stop again and again.  I was curious as to the life of the kids inside.  I volunteered at the community center and took photos of the children for my photography class.  After four years of boarding school and my decision not to take a gap year I longed for reminders of home.  Finding Alewife eased my spirit.

I never got off at a random train stop again.  But then again who knows what the future holds.




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