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Once Upon A Time . . .

May 5

Today I remembered how when I was little I didn’t know that I lived in a bad neighborhood.  To me it was just home and I had a lot of fun in my building and on my block.

Around the age of 8 I began to become scared of what could happen to me outside of my apartment.  People began to warn me not to walk around without paying attention to my surroundings and suddenly my friends in the neighborhood were bad influences.  According to my mother all they wanted to do was play and the path to success lay in learning and moving forward.

In Brownsville, living in the projects, no one is more aware of where we are than the people who live here.  Most of us go to work or school everyday and do our best to get by but going to St. Paul’s taught me that there is a world that is completely out of reach for almost everyone in Brownsville and it doesn’t matter how hard they work or what they learn along the way there’s a certain way of life that they will never have exposure to.  The painful part is that they are aware of this fact and there’s no way to escape it.

Today I remembered when I loved Brownsville unconditionally.  I didn’t want to leave.  I had a lot of fun.  And there was no place like home.


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