Facing Forward


may 4

Someone told me that if they were in my situation they would be so grateful.  And then I realized that I’d fallen into my old ways of believing that everyone’s life is better than mine.

This train of thought started when I was first diagnosed.  Once I became sick I began to believe that everyone else was better than I was.  I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to have a mental illness and I felt that my life was ruined.  I instantly believed that everyone I met or knew already was doing better than I was.  (And as I sat in a mental hospital mostly everyone was doing better than I was.)

But now my life has improved dramatically and I forget to be grateful.  I am grateful to have survived a horrible period of my life and while I want my life to continue to improve I will appreciate all that I have now – This is my affirmation of the day – being grateful feels good.


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