Facing Forward

“Quitters Never Win”

Quitters Never WinMy aunt invited me to church and I declined.  When I saw her after church she said that the pastor had a good sermon –

“Winners Never Quit; And Quitters Never Win!”

I try not to keep track of how often I fail and have to start over but it’s important to me to persevere.

I’m undecided about whether life is long or short but now I feel like I have time and I have lost a certain sense of urgency.  I’m confused about what motivates me and I know that I have options but the decision making can be paralyzing.

I realize now that in the end it does not matter what I decide just as long as I make a decision.  The road ahead is uncertain but I know that complacency never leads to success.

I’m going to stop thinking in terms of beginnings and just pick up where I left off.  It’s not about re-beginnings; it’s about continuity.  Failure at times is a choice.


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