Brownsville, Concord, Facing Forward

The North Face

When I was a student at SPS I always wanted a North Face backpack but I was afraid to ask my parents for one because I knew they were really expensive.  I knew I would have to justify my desire for the bag to my parents and other kids having it wasn’t a good enough reason for them to buy me one.

I read an article about someone from another country and they said that they were surprised that people in the poorest neighborhoods in the U.S. shopped at the same stores as the wealthiest people in the U.S.  I mean even Oprah and Michelle Obama have been seen in Walmart or Target.

And now that I’m in Brownsville and I look around I see a lot of young people with North Face backpacks.  It took over twenty years and I had to buy it myself but I love my new North Face backpack.  I guess now I officially belong in both Brownsville and Millville.


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