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Oh, I Just Wanted to Know How You’re Doing

In the course of my life I’ve reached a point where people come to me for help.  I do not mind helping people but sometimes it can become tiresome.

The other day someone asked me to give them a call and when I did I stopped the conversation to ask why they asked me to call them.   Their response was that they didn’t need my help with anything they just wanted to talk to me and see how I’m doing.  I was speechless for a moment.

We live in a culture where people try to mislead you by asking you how you are doing before asking you to do something and you know they don’t really care how you’re doing, they just want what they need done done.

So the next time you think of contacting someone you care about – you don’t have to ask them to go anywhere, you don’t have to ask them for anything.  Just say Hey, How are You?, and mean it.



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