The Opposite of Alone

I used to underestimate the importance of relationships.  I enjoyed spending time by myself more that spending time with others.  But I really didn’t give other people much of a chance.  I held onto pain and held grudges.  I didn’t realize I was the one missing out.  I didn’t realize until now that good relationships endure.

A friend of mine told me that sometimes people just want to hear from you.  This never occurred to me.  I never thought of people being happy to hear from me even though I am often very happy to hear from others.

I’ve been in a weird space for a while where I undervalue myself but I’m working my way out of that.  One of my new goals is to strengthen the bonds I have while seeking new ones and focusing on learning how to share my life with others.  I’ll try not to let overthinking get in the way.  I know now that any other way of life is not really living.


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