Facing Forward

Be Easy With Yourself

I have always been a person who pushes herself hard and takes little time to rest.  When I’m not working, I’m planning work for the future.  Even vacations can become more about executing a plan than actually seeing people.  But it is through accomplishing tasks that I have the most fun and feel the most fulfilled.

Two different people in two very different situations told me the exact same thing:

“Be Easy With Yourself!”

I wondered why no one had ever said this to me before and then when I really thought about it I realized that people had said very similar things to me before but these were the first 2 times I actually heard it.

There is 1 thing I know for sure – Being Easy With Myself means a longer healthier life.  And I can do nothing without my health.

Still there are times I forget to follow these simple words of advice.  I love the idea but part of the thrill is in the challenge.



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