Facing Forward

Begin Again

Begin Again

A friend of mine said that after school I would become a “student of life”.

This is year 3 of my life outside of school and honestly for the first 2 years I missed school.  I often thought of going back but I’m terrified and excited by my future in the real world.  I know that I can accomplish a lot and be ambitious or I can accomplish very little and relax.  I also know that I would really be the only one who cared either way.

But filling my time is ingrained in my personality.  As my mother says, I am “always doing something” and so here I go again.

Brownsville2Concord is back with new reflections, tidbits of my life, and random thoughts.  This blog is for you in your downtime and for me to reflect and share my work.  Hopefully it will make you think of things you never thought of before, smile or laugh out loud, and make you feel good about yourself and your life.

Let’s Begin Again!



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