Self Medicating

self medicatingAll throughout my therapy using drugs and/or alcohol in place of medication was referred to as self medicating.  I never quite understood why.  To me self medicating is deciding how I would like to take my medication and that has nothing to do with how it is prescribed.

During college I started out by skipping my meds one night a week.  One night turned into two and then three and then four and pretty soon I was only taking meds once a week.  I didn’t drink much and I’ve never used illegal drugs but I thought I knew more about my body than any doctor and that meant I was the best qualified to decide when and how much medication I should take.

Now I know this is stupid.  If I’m not going to take the meds as prescribed I need new meds.  There’s no other way for me to stay healthy.

Sometimes I think I could have been healthy much longer if I came to this realization sooner.


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