Taking A Different Path

taking a different pathWhen I lived in Boston on certain days I would decide to take a different path.  Once I got off the Red Line at a random stop and just walked around.  Once I tried to go for a run in Everett and I did not know the route.  I felt completely safe while I was lost and exploring.

Living in Brownsville now has reminded me of how when I grew up here I would never try new paths.  New paths meant danger.  Not knowing how to get home meant I was vulnerable and that was a horrible feeling to have in Brownsville when I was growing up here.

I have yet to try a different path in Brownsville but I’m beginning to explore paths that were dangerous when I grew up here.  I’ve walked on blocks I would have never walked on when I was a little girl.  I’m trying to become more comfortable without being stupid.  The danger is still real.


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