Up All Night

Up all nightWhen I was little I didn’t sleep.  Even though I had a bedtime I would wait until everyone else fell asleep, turn on my light, and get to work reading and writing.

I thought I was fooling everyone and that my late nights were my secret but now I know that all of my family members knew that I did not sleep through the night.  They didn’t know how to get me to sleep so they let me stay up.  I could function in school and during the day so it didn’t seem like a problem.

I did my best work between midnight – 5am.  It was a sacred time for me – no interruptions, no rules.

By the time I got to SPS I would stay up sometimes as much as 20 hours of the day.  I did so much that describing me as productive was an understatement.

Now I that I have to sleep in order to stay healthy I enjoy it.  I look forward to it.  But some nights I can’t sleep and I stay up a little later to enjoy the stillness and quiet.  It still feels sacred.


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